Iconic Industry Bringing Online Advertising to the Forefront of the San Diego Tech Scene

Iconic Industry
Jun 29, 2018 · 4 min read
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Iconic Industry is not Your Typical Advertising Agency

Don’t let the relaxed atmosphere fool you. There may be a ping pong table available to help the team unwind at the end of yet another outstanding week, and canine “security” wandering the floor, but these experts are hard at work. They’re busy developing Internet companies. On the cutting edge of Internet development, they use their tactical and strategic advantages — their expertise in online direct marketing and software development — to continually conceptualize, launch and evolve new projects. In short, they transform dreams into reality.

Based in the U.S Virgin Islands and San Diego, Iconic Industry is a made up of an impressive group of progressive individuals. Led by founder and President, Chern Lee, they believe you should have fun at work even while you work hard. Director of Marketing and expert coder, Valentino Vaschetto, brings his own extraordinary knowledge and competence to the team.

Iconic Industry’s vision is to bring amazing Internet ventures to life and see them successful. On any given day, you might find them experimenting with the newest data-driven marketing strategy, gaining insights from data analysis from or about a target audience. Or, they could be honing their hypertext preprocessor (PHP) skills, or any number of coding languages. The dynamic nature of digital presence and advertising is what excites all the members of Iconic’s team. Speaking with them, you get a feel that they relish foraging for new angles and innovative approaches to online behavior.

Always, you can be sure that Iconic Industry will combine its sound marketing strategies with its unparalleled technical expertise to bring you exceptional online product development and performance marketing (you only pay Iconic Industry in accordance with previously agreed upon results). As part of the boutique firm’s repertoire they also provide clients with more personal, creative services. They are experts at:

Why online advertising? The answer is simple. With today’s technology you can track your marketing data, target your ideal customer, use the type of ad most likely to connect with that ideal customer, and apply all the above to increase awareness of your brand. The professionals at Iconic Industry are expert at doing just this. They are up-to-date with the latest and most effective computer coding as well as marketing strategies. Additionally, with online advertising you can adapt your strategy as the data come in, affect more people than traditional media; and, it is generally less expensive.

At the core of their philosophy lay a credo that the market is more than numbers and statistics; there is a human component that everything hinges on. Making that connection digitally is their stock in trade. As Iconic Industry’s tagline so aptly phrases it, “Marketing Strategy + Technology = Results.”

Chern Lee Gives New Meaning to the Term “Self-Made Man”

At three years old, Chern Lee began to play around with computers. While other children spent their childhoods playing with toy soldiers, action figures and erector sets, Lee spent his “dissecting the Internet.” It engendered an interest in him to understand more about the human brain, an interest he would later pursue in college.

Chern Lee taught himself computer coding. He then worked as an Engineer for three years, doing coding work. After this, he attended the University of California, San Diego to delve into his interest in the human brain. There, he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Cognitive Science. Much of the initiatives that Iconic Industry undertake, engage in some element of behavioral science, thanks to Lee’s insight.

Lee has been an entrepreneur his entire adult life. In working for a lead generation company when he was just 20 years old, he understood that his skills could be used to create a new kind of company. After college he “bootstrapped” his first online marketing company out of his home, eventually realizing millions of dollars in revenues. He is the definition of a self-made man — starting his company with little or nothing and turning it into gold.

An expert in online advertising with 14 years of experience, Chern Lee began right out of college as VP of Production for Ad Authority, Inc. Less than two years later, he was serving as CEO of Pinnacle Dream Media. He held this position for four and a half years. In addition, he founded several companies in the lead generation, affiliate marketing, and eCommerce markets. Generating over one half billion dollars in sales revenues with his companies for clients, perhaps Chern Lee has the Midas touch. Or, more likely, he and his team are that skilled at what they do.

Chern Lee founded Iconic Industry Inc. in January of 2011. The idea was to bring management and technology together in the most dynamic way possible. To that end, he currently manages its strategy and function. Not only does he oversee Iconic Industry in San Diego, but Lee also manages Iconic VI in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.

When he’s not working hard making money for his clients, Chern Lee enjoys travel and, of course, spending time with his dog, Mochi. In addition to their canine pals, Lee and his team have a deep love for their community and environment responsibility. Recently, Iconic Industry participated in a beach clean-up day in San Diego. To these guys, corporate citizenry helps everyone and allows for a better appreciation for those they serve.

Chern Lee has built a company based on proven marketing techniques and cutting-edge technologies. His team works hard, plays hard, thinks big, and delivers bigger. Admittedly cliché, an authentic love for what they do permeates the air at the firm. Iconic Industry is the place where marketing and technology collide to create results.

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