New accounts: Luxury villas in Poreč, Croatia

Recently we signed a new account — Finmavi d.o.o. — this is our new premium client at Iconis Agency ( They own, desigh, plan, manage, rent and sell luxury villas in Vabriga, Istria. These villas include two categories — Borghetto villas and Luxury villa, such as the famous villa Helena.

They tasked us with creating a long term digital strategy for the company, brand awareness campaign for current villas and future projects like Borghetto Ginestre (this is also the third category) and completely redesigning their current website. The goal is “simple” get more relevant traffic and booking requests from their new site rather than other digital channels. I’m really excited about this account because we established a really good relationship with the client and Finmavi management team. But more importantly we are allowed to follow our on creative direction without interference. And with a project of this size and tight deadlines it helps to be creatively free

The challenging part of this project is creating relevant and interesting photo, video and copywriting content for all villas (like villa Helena, villa Ginevra, villa Camelia, villa Candida etc) and for 3 different countries. Each villa is special in it’s on way and deserves special attention. But more on that in my future updates.

For more info visit: 
(this is currently their old site)

Or visit: to find out more about us.

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