If you are a natural-born early bird, writing in the morning before going to work is a wonderful way to start the day — makes you feel you are ready for anything that will get thrown your way.

If you are a natural-born night owl, writing late at night can dissolve the stresses of the day and send you to bed with a happy sense of accomplishment to sleep very well.

Coffee is good. A walk in the middle of the day is nice.

Leave the laptop behind every now and then — and just take an old-fashioned notebook to scribble in. We have found it helpful to carry an iPad with only reading/writing/podcast apps installed — and not signed in to any email accounts. Can use WiFi without distractions.

If writing is the very air you breathe — give yourself permission to take that air. It’s as important as eating healthy and getting exercise.

And coffee is good ☕️ 🙂

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