iTunes torture

We love the iPad — but iTunes sometimes makes us wanna hurl it across the room.

Alene mainly uses her iPad Mini for reading and writing (yes — in landscape mode, she finds the keyboard OK for typing!) But this week she felt like having something to watch and browsed the free TV shows on iTunes. She found two which looked interesting and hit “GET”. At the time, she was on the WiFi at a pub and was not surprised to find the download going very slowly. No worries. The downloads could finish at work the next day — but they did not!

Issue #1: there was no indication of the file sizes (1.8GB and 3.0GB) until the downloads were in progress.

Issue #2: once the downloads were in progress, there was no way to stop them! The swipe-to-delete action was dead.

Issue #3: when the downloads were finally done the final processing step simply froze — resulting in two huge video files that could neither be opened nor deleted, but which hogged a lot of space on a 16GB model.

Issue #4: after a short while, message boxes popped up announcing that “XYZ could not be downloaded at this time.” Alene hit “Done” in each case and hoped that was the end of it.

Issue #5: the next time the iPad connected to WiFi, the downloads were still active in iTunes and started all over again — with the same end result.

We searched the internet for solutions. Nothing helped. It looked like those two video files were going to be downloading for eternity. So we considered the most drastic solution which seemed to have worked for someone else — simply doing a hard reset on the iPad and starting over.

Alene has only had the iPad for a couple of months, and because of what she uses it for, there were only a few apps installed (Pages, Medium, Nook, Overdrive) and all files were stored in iCloud. So we figured that setting up the iPad again would not be a huge deal. And it wasn’t. But those two TV shows were STILL there in iTunes — and immediately started downloading. That’s when Alene wanted to hurl the iPad across the room. Luckily she was at work — so she didn’t.

However, this time the downloads finished normally — and the files are now deletable.

But after all this, Alene is not sure she can be bothered to watch the shows now. She’s certainly never going to download a free TV show again!

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