There’s nothing more underrated than a good night’s sleep. When a heatwave ends and decent sleeping weather returns — cool enough to snuggle under a comforter. And it’s dark at 8:30 instead of ridiculously late, so that you can go to bed early if you want — and fall asleep to your favorite TV show on DVD. And you fall asleep sober instead of succumbing to alcohol-induced unconsciousness. You wake feeling almost delicious — wonderfully relaxed and refreshed with no headache or thirst.

It’s something one ought to brag about — but it would piss off a lot of people — and make you look bad. It’s just not the done thing. Gives people the wrong impression — that you’re a lazy slacker with not enough to to do — happy to just sleep your life away instead of getting out there and making things happen.

Margaret Thatcher was known for sleeping just four hours a night. She made things happen. Perhaps if she’d spent more time asleep, her legacy might have been a happier story.

Going for the full eight hours again tonight. 😴