Symbiosis of PoW and PoS


With growth of blockchain networks and protocols, mining is becoming more expensive and time consuming. Proof of Work itself is great for small networks and non immediate applications is great solution. But there is more and more demand daily for faster and more reliable blockchain. Proof of Stake will drastically reduce the time for processing, but will increase entry point for miners and will be higher entry point for participants.

Enterprises love PoS

Lots of large corporations like PoS, since it will bring them control over part of the network according to parity in stake. Also large corporations can use their branches as part of their network and a priory have some “trust” in them, thus reducing time required for verifications.

Subnetworks in blockchain

Below is presented proposed solution with Ring Leaders and Subnetworks.

Creating number of subnetworks (based on geography or other parameters) with each having distinct Ring Leaders can potentially alleviate performance problems. It can also increase stability of the overall network, since it’s easier to manager N subnetworks with M participants in each than one network with MxN participants.

I will update soon with mathematics, but feel free to comment (crash) this hypothesis.