SmartO ICO rating: 31/100

SmartO ICO Your Super-Booster

SmartO is a smartphone app with an open source and powerful expert system on blockchain with a unique set of features and clear monetization for everyone.

SmartO will unify and line up other services for day-to-day usage for users and companies alike.

The app features voice input, geolocation, adaptive algorithm and user-friendly interface for both experienced users and newbies alike.

SmartO ICO rating: 31/100

Rating details by our ICO rating system:

Business: 7/20
Product readiness: 1/5
White Paper: 3/10
Roadmap: 3/10
Legal: 1/5
Team: 5/20
ICO terms: 2/5
Token applying: 2/5
ICO Promotion: 7/20

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