iConsumer Allows Its Members To Save Money, Get Cash Back and Earn Stock While Shopping Online

“Am I going to land a job after I graduate? Am I going to be able to make enough money to live a comfortable lifestyle?”

Like many millennials, these were questions that deeply plagued the 23-year old, as she had dinner with her friends and her father, Rob Grosshandler.

Grosshandler began to think long and hard, and took on the challenge of finding a solution. He knew that the well being and prosperity of a society is greatly dependent on the health of its people.

That’s when he came up with an innovative idea to help solve the problem. Give the consumer — people like his daughter, her friends, you and me the power back by sharing in the success of owning and building a company together.

Thus the creation of iConsumer, a company that not only allows its shoppers to earn discounts and cash back but something even more valuable, a stake in the company. Every one of its members participates in iConsumer’s success by earning stock as they shop.

It’s a completely different way to build a company. And that’s exactly why he did it. It’s the one place where shoppers are truly invested. Grosshandler is making no small plans as he wants to get to 1,000,000 shareholders strong with iConsumer.

Qualified by the SEC in September, 2016 the site has grown to include over 1,700 retailers, over 13K shareholders and has plans to scale even further as they kick off “Change the Faces of Wall Street”.

As Grosshandler describes it:

“Wall Street has historically been a place where ordinary people didn’t feel welcomed, where only a select few felt comfortable. This inequality isn’t healthy. Things need to change. Wall Street needs new faces. It needs to open its arms to many, many different folks. We can make the opportunities it offers available to a much wider group of people.”

What can you do to help change the Faces of Wall Street?

Step 1 — Sign up to iConsumer

Go to iConsumer to sign up and shift the power back to consumers. You will earn 100 shares simply by joining, no shopping necessary.

Also you can earn an additional 50 shares of stock in iConsumer for posting on Facebook or Twitter! #GetYourShare

Step 2 — Shop online through the platform

When you are logged into iConsumer you will be able to discover numerous cashback offers at a wide variety of retailers.

Step 3 — Earn cash back and shares

After making any online purchases through retailers that you find on iConsumer you will be able to receive cashback as well as earn shares. Once you’ve earned $25 in cashback, iConsumer will send you a check (after a 90-day waiting period to account for returns).

Step 4 — Spread the word and refer your friends

iConsumer also allows you to invite your friends to join the platform. For every friend that signs up and shops you will earn an additional 100 extra shares.

Each time you refer a friend you are helping to build the company you own. The bigger the company grows the more your shares will be worth and the more the power will shift back towards you and consumer at large.

Get started today by signing up to iConsumer here!