How to Hire
Henry Ward

Paying lip service to diversity?

My initial reaction to your post was positive, and I still think you have some invaluable nuggets there. But as I read through the comments I noticed an interesting and thoughtful response by Ryan Mitchell, which made me realize something: your tone and approach are very masculine. At the time I am writing this comment, there are 33 other comments, exactly two of which are by women — Ryan being one of them.

You talk about diversity as “hiring different.” You made it very clear that when you speak of diversity you are not referring to a specific type (gender, race, etc.). But your notion of expanding culture is very passive. While I completely agree that you should hire people with different ideas, helping to shape that culture by making it more welcome to a broader swath of the population has to be better than letting it grow as it will.

More to the point, you seem pretty strict in your view about how to hire. Some of the terminology you use is likely to turn off some women, more so than men.

Maybe I am being hypersensitive. But I am curious: how many women are in significant roles on your staff? I will also be curious to see as you embark on your hiring spree what ratio of men/women applicants you will get.

Gender balance (and all other sorts of diversity) won’t happen by accident. Besides, if your language and approach turn off women, that’s guaranteed to give you a lot of false negatives.

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