7 reasons why investing in Petlife will make profit

Nowadays we’re witnessing a rapid increase in the telemedicine market all over the world. Due to remote consultations, thousands of patients receive medical care including veterinary care every day.

Service for real veterinary treatment

Beta web version of a telemedicine platform. The application stores the information concerning every step in the process of veterinary treatment. This allows a doctor to prepare for a consultation, make a repeated consultation and monitor the quality of veterinary treatment more efficiently. A module, integrated in the platform, allows a patient to pay for the service using tokens and fiat currency, the payment can be made either by a patient or their insurance company.

We have a team

Our team has been created to maintain the work of the platform, not only to make a remarkable launch of the ICO. We have developers, doctors, internet marketing specialists working for our team. Our lawyers adapt documents for legal work in every country we work with.

Petlife has been created for daily clinical practice

We know how to introduce telemedicine to the world as we have been studying the experience of our colleagues in other countries. We have been analyzing the mistakes and successful decisions, discussing the nuances of research protocols and possibility of routine clinical practice with doctors. As a result we have developed a service, in the process of creating of which all the strengths and weaknesses have been taken into consideration. Our marketing plan describes in details the way how a doctor can use Petlife for their daily practice of treating patients.

Petlife is developed for a doctor

In the process of creating our service we recognized that remote consultations would be something new and complicated for doctors, that is why we described every step in our protocols in details. How to start a consultation, how to record patients’ complaints, give recommendations and write out a prescription properly. Having studied our manual a doctor can make a detailed report and control the veterinary treatment.

Petlife is based on up-to-date technologies

Our team has developed blockchain-based medical record, video chat connecting a patient and a doctor, online payment system using both fiat currency and cryptocurrency, the technology of assistance for doctors on the basis of machine calculation, connection between doctors and patients with the help of smart contracts and mobile platforms for IOS and Android.

We work for both clinic and patient (b2b и b2c)

We have analyzed the market situation and chosen the suitable approaches for every country we work with. In Germany we would like to make emphasis on enterprise market, in northern Europe — on the families which have their pet for more than two years and on the families which have just got it. We are already investing in the market research to develop a proposal for every country we work with subsequently.

The service corresponds to the legal system of the USA and Europe

Unlike other start-ups developed in the sphere of telemedicine, we can work legally. We recognized that remote consultations are highly complicated in terms of legislation, that is why we have chosen veterinary. The most important thing in veterinary is VCRP. VCPR is clearly defined. We observe VCPR with the help of electronic medical record, videoconferencing and consultation planner.

We invite crypto investors who would like to see for themselves how the idea of blockchain is realized around the world, who want to test Petlife service and use it at a discount with the help of buying a token.