Follow your daily routine, start to walk the dog at the same time. This will enable your dog to trust you

Use a treat. When the dog gets used to get a treat and praise from you, it will understand that you don’t want to offend it.

Decentralization is a monumental process that is also being introduced in the sphere of healthcare. New opportunities and values are emerging, business models are being improved and the existing systems of healthcare are being democratized. Now digital transformation is the main strategic priority. Having studied the Frost & Sullivan Blockchain Technologyresearches we are telling about 5 opportunities of growth of the blockchain technology in the field of digital transformation of the healthcare industry.

Areport by PwC consulting firm shows that up to 100 new ICOs enter the market every month. Some of them turned out to be “sсam”: DeClouds, Opair, Authorship, Confido, and some of them will bring good profits to their investors: Bancor, FileCoin, Tezos.

Petlife is the first veterinary telemedicine service based on blockchain technology. The service will solve the problems of scarcity and quality of veterinary services. It will bring together veterinarians and pet owners around the world. A pet owner will have a choice: to go to the clinic or use a remote consultation. It is useful during the rehabilitation, in case of chronic diseases or when contacting a veterinarian. Remote consultations will help veterinarians to save time on filling in questionnaires and collecting data such as temperature or weight. …

Travelling with a pet is the most memorable and at the same time most difficult. Before undertaking a long trip you should take into account few things.

Use veterinary care services

Just before the trip attend the clinic or use an on-demand consultation of Petlife. To understand pet’s needs and behavior during the trip listen to vet’s suggestions and advice and follow it. Moreover, take your pet for a long walk on a daily basis, run in the fresh air as much as possible so the pet will feel more comfortable during the trip.

Learn your route and pick a place to stay

A spontaneous trip has a lot of disadvantages that can…

Nowadays we’re witnessing a rapid increase in the telemedicine market all over the world. Due to remote consultations, thousands of patients receive medical care including veterinary care every day.

Service for real veterinary treatment

Beta web version of a telemedicine platform. The application stores the information concerning every step in the process of veterinary treatment. This allows a doctor to prepare for a consultation, make a repeated consultation and monitor the quality of veterinary treatment more efficiently. …

According to Grand View Research, the world market of veterinary software reached $ 322.8 million in 2016, and by 2025 it is projected to reach $ 699.0 million. With this forecast, the total annual growth rate of IT solutions for veterinary medicine will be 8.9% per year.

American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that there are 68 000 private veterinary practitioners in the USA, and 22 000 in the UK. Competition between private practitioners and the growth of zoonotic diseases (avian influenza, bird salmonella, toxoplasmosis, leptospirosis, campylobacteriosis, and SARS) will increase the demand for innovation in veterinary medicine.

Leading veterinary software…

Andrey Fedorov, Head of Telemedicine OÜ, told us about the blockchain in the Petlife veterinary project.


Blockchain is a way of data storage. Data isn’t just kept in one place such as a server, it’s distributed among all the participants of the system. The data is divided into separate parts — blocks. A blockchain-based application or a programme synchronizes all the data in the system in such a way so that every participant has all the data concerning other participants. …

If your friends used to mock at your love life, now they are going to be jealous. Here are the news about five new ICOs. Its applications will be useful If you are still single.


Imagine: you are on a date, you barely know each other, you are flirting with him or her, holding a glass of sparkling wine, you decide to continue your date at home, the moment you’ve been waiting for is coming. “Sex has to be enjoyable and safe, but there’s a possibility that something may go wrong”, — say the representatives of the blockchain company LegalFling


It was a late dinner after one intense medical conference. A circle of close friends — only radiologists. Everyone agreed that in the 21 century, when barriers between people are negligible and every person has several messengers and social media accounts, every patient should be able to contact a doctor.

Patients ask:

Do I need this test?

How can it help me?

Will the doctor be able to perform it professionally?

Is the medical conclusion correct?

Why is it so difficult to get quality service?

So we made a decision to develop a service for direct patient-doctor contact.


It took…

Petlife ICO

Blockchain in veterinary medicine We unite veterinarians and pet owners with the telemedicine and the blockchain technology.

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