CCRB review: Will CryptoCarbon be one of those currencies that will survive after the dust settles in the Crypto world?

Following the meteoric rise in prices of the popular cryptocurrencies in the year 2017, there has been a wave of ICOs and blockchain projects; some with lucrative returns and some which came and disappeared in thin air. Many scholars and experts have already declared ICOs as scams and those at the other end of the spectrum hold on to their belief that ICOs and cryptocurrencies are the future. There’s no denying that Blockchain technology has immense potentials and it will fairly revolutionize the financial world as it has already redefined the way we exchange money but will all these cryptocurrencies survive in the long run? The answer is no because most of them are just an idea and “ICO” raising either more funds than required or spending more than the funds they manage to acquire.

The fact is only those currencies that actually offer some value and a distinct use will remain while all others will be wiped out. As a crypto user, it is important to identify such projects and place your eggs in the right baskets. The best ICOs have been those that have offered such value through their use which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Like Ethereum, that revolutionized the entire crypto world by letting new blockchain projects develop their own cryptocurrencies through there smart contracts. The currencies like Ethereum will survive but it is hard to say about 90% of the tokens that are being developed every day and in all probabilities, they will be flushed out of the market draining a significant amount of investments.

This is where it becomes important in our pursuit of cryptocurrencies to focus on those that have some value, that has a defined use and scalable model to make it last and grow as others fade out. And that’s why CCRB, a cryptocurrency developed on the Bitcoin 2.0 protocol catches our attention for its groundbreaking new concepts that completely redefine shopping as their breakthrough innovative concept of Cryptoback also provides great value to the token holders. Their ecosystem is developed to expand and they can make cryptocurrency and blockchain reach the maximum number of people, especially those that are not necessarily crypto geeks or nerds.

Why cryptocurrencies like CCRB can make it to the club of successful tokens?

What gives reasons for our belief that CCRB in particular, will be among those cryptocurrencies that will successfully survive in the long run is because of these 3 important reasons:

It provides value to the token holders — Most blockchain projects have no real purpose for their token holders because of the limited use. They can only be utilized for a specific purpose in a closed ecosystem and that utilization is also subject to the creation of needs of such services which again is not related to or controlled by the token holders in any way whatsoever. In CCRB’s ecosystem users get more value for their holdings and have a clear use case that extends far beyond a restricted or limited platform or purpose. Users can spend their tokens at over 35000 outlets and as the network grows so does their ability to use it more and differently. There are clear benefits like “Cryptoback”, which redefines the popular concept of cash backs. There is also protection against market volatility through “High Internal Value” that CCRB offers. The demand is not generated by CCRB but by the users themselves. They can purchase literally anything they want and they save every time they spend.

It has a scalable work mechanism — Will their technology be scalable in the long run is the million dollars question? The support system, the feasibility of the business model, and a defined revenue model or something that holds or provides for the value of the tokens are important attributes of any cryptocurrency that have managed to create a space for themselves in this fast-paced world of technological advancements. CCRB’s ecosystem scores some significant points when it comes to having a self-evolving mechanism in terms of technology supported by a very solid and meticulous model that has clear provisions/sources to maintain the value of the tokens in a mutually beneficial engagement which is scalable and expandable. The CCRB tokens are based on the advanced Bitcoin 2.0 protocol while the tokens themselves are developed on top of the Ethereum’s Blockchain making them technically advanced and scalable. Also, the decentralization and easy verification of the smart contracts via a link adds to the transparency of their platform which in turn boosts the confidence of the token holders and associated partners. The tokens have a “High Internal Value” which literally guarantees the value of the tokens to be better than the market rate and this is sustainable as it is funded by the merchants who also benefit from the flexible CCRB model by acquiring more clients for their business. The users benefit from “Cryptoback” and save and actually earn CCRB tokens as they spend it on the platform.

CCRB review

Ability to expand — This is extremely important as it is a project’s ability to expand that their long-term existence can be attributed to. In CCRB’s case, they have been evolving and expanding, thanks to their solid foundation and clear disposition in terms of idea and actionable milestones. CCRB has the ability to process over 10,000 transactions within seconds providing users with instant transaction processing regardless of the traffic. They are adding new avenues by partnering with more and more outlets to let users have a wide range of options and opportunities to spend their CCRB tokens. For example, CCRB is already being used for purchasing properties and real estate. They are not limited geographically as the partners that build the ecosystem are spread across 200 countries. This is growing and there is little doubt that CCRB will be a household token which will contribute significantly to making blockchain technology reach out to the masses.

Recently CCRB announced the launch of their upcoming APP which will make it easier for all crypto users to Shop, Earn and Trade and also keep a track of their earnings. The app is scheduled to launch in the first week of August and is much awaited by all CCRB token holders. While there are few cryptocurrencies that can be said to last beyond the “Bubble” — CCRB is definitely one among them.

Know more about how you can Shop, Earn and Trade with CCRB by visiting their website .