CCRB review explaining how shopping is made easy with Blockchain — Why pay extra when you can make more?

Before we start exploring how CCRB helps users, in this CCRB review we also explain the way the fintech works and why a disruptive innovation can take the entire market by storm. Today, most of the payments and transactions are done electronically; cash transactions will soon be limited to less than 15–20% of total transactions in any economic setup. In Sweden, less than 2% of the transactions involve cash while in China only about 15% of transactions are carried out in cash. That is the case with fiat currencies that operate under financial institutions and are fairly regulated and controlled. But even as the digital mode of payments are becoming more popular than ever, one of the biggest problems that linger for both, the merchants and customers is the additional cost that is incurred. For example, while making a payment with “Apple pay” users have to pay a 3% extra and so it is with other popular wallets or fund transfer mechanisms like Paypal, Netteller, or Skrill. This extra cost is a burden to trade and is definitely not scalable in the long run.

Blockchain which has redefined the way we exchange funds has immense potentials as it can offer reduced transfer costs, quicker transaction processing, and indeed more security, and transparency. But while the blockchain has been able to facilitate peer to peer fund transfer and has been instrumental in solving certain complex business problems it is yet to evolve in its fullest potentials to make mainstream transactions easy and cost-effective. Can blockchain technology be used to make shopping more profitable for both the buyers and the sellers? Can a transparent ecosystem be developed that completely diminishes the role of intermediaries and let the profits remain with the members of that ecosystem? Is there a cryptocurrency that allows making a purchase with minimum transaction cost, which is scalable and also offers a wide range of opportunities to trade, exchange, and shop? These were the questions that inspired the evolution of CryptoCarbons (CCRB), a revolutionary cryptocurrency that allows users to actually save and earn with their spendings. So let’s start with this simple but comprehensive CCRB review.

How can users save with CCRB tokens?

Let’s say Linda is purchasing a brand new smartphone on Amazon today. The seller has to share a part of the profit he will make from Linda’s money paid to Amazon. The seller also had to incur costs in promoting his products and making it visible to Linda; advertising, promotions, PR campaigns and more. Further, Claire can make a payment for the purchase through her Credit Card or any other digital mode. The financial institution, the bank, or private wallets — all have a charge and also take a percentage from the profits. This makes it difficult for both Linda and her seller as they are the ones who are paying the most while the intermediaries always make money just for facilitating the transaction. Also, this mechanism lacks transparency and is controlled by different entities who influence the charges and the process.

To address these pertinent questions, leveraging the blockchain Technology, CCRB has come up with a unique concept which inspired them to develop a platform that makes shopping easier, quicker, cost-effective and profitable for both the users and the merchants. The ecosystem is powered by CCRB tokens, a cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin 2.0 protocol that can be used to make purchases, can be exchanged for other popular cryptocurrencies and can also be used for peer to peer fund transfer. The benefit Linda gets when she purchases the same products with CCRB is that she is not charged a transaction fee every time she makes a purchase, instead, she gets rewarded with “Cryptoback”. The cryptoback is a unique concept that allows her to earn CCRB tokens as she spends them on the platform. Also, the transaction is quicker, verifiable because of the decentralized nature of the CCRB tokens, transparent because CCRB tokens are not controlled by any centralized authority. Furthermore, when Linda purchases or exchanges any fiat or cryptocurrency to get CCRB tokens she benefits from the “HIgh Internal Value” that all CCRB tokens have on the platform. Isn’t it better for Linda or any other user to make purchases with CCRB tokens?

What is Cryptoback and how it works?

Cryptoback is a unique concept which can be understood as “Cashback” but with better and exclusive benefits. The merchants or the partner outlets that make a part of the evolving and expanding CCRB ecosystem allow users to make payments in CCRB tokens. This could be making a total purchase with CCRB or accepting a part of the purchase price in CCRB. In either case, they offer exclusive “Cryptobacks” as rewards for CCRB users who not only earn cryptocurrency as they shop but are also further able to shop with the CCRB tokens they earn. While CCRB users benefit from the rewards as Cryptoback the merchants benefit from the opportunity to enter new markets and get new customers who use cryptocurrencies. In current systems the benefits are shared by a centralized platform, the intermediaries facilitating the transactions and the financial institutions regulating the transactions. But with CCRB’s breakthrough innovative platform the benefits are shared with the users allowing them to earn more with their spendings.

What you can do with CCRB tokens

While CCRB tokens can be used to make purchases on the platform and across the partner networks, they can also be exchanged with other popular cryptocurrencies. What’s exciting is that in a short span of time CCRB has managed to partner with over 35,000 outlets from over 200 countries which offer their products and services and accept payments in CCRB. The wide range of products and services include mobile recharge, clothing and fashion, electronics and gadgets, airline tickets and more. You can literally find every kind of product or service for your everyday requirements on the CCRB platform. Moreover, the nature of the platform is such that it allows them to expand to many other sectors. The CCRB tokenized properties allow users to purchase properties using CCRB tokens. CCRB tokens have witnessed significant investment in the real estate.

CCRB tokens are already listed with 5 popular exchanges and soon it is to listed with others as well. They support over 10,000 transactions per second which makes them fast and scalable. If we imagine the future of cryptocurrencies, CCRB has a definite spot with a widespread everyday use.