Smart Contract Wizard

ICOStart has created an application which, through a simple web interface, creates Smart Contracts for ICO’s/Pre ICO’s/Reservation contracts. Every need is managed by a convenient wizard, allowing flexibility and adaptation to customer needs.
Through the ICOStart platform, you will be able to select the most suitable fundraising methods for your project, obtaining a package of smart contracts suited to your needs, and allowing innovative fundraising campaigns based on innovative marketing, that always keeps up with the times.
ICOStart Smart Contracts Wizard will allow you to select other tokens as a means of payment for ICO’s, in addition to Ether, which is usually used. This is to allow investors to more easily participate in ICO’s, without needing continuous access to exchanges.
The continuous analysis of the ICO market will allow the ICOStart platform to always offer current, up-to-date and innovative products. The integration with the bounty and referral package then will make the donor user experience even more unique. In addition to the token sales templates, ICOStart is available to develop customized offers for the development of advanced blockchain services.

In the next blog post we are going to introduce you our Legal and document flow service, so don’t miss the next issue!

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