The Woman Behind That Successful Man

Dear Young People,
As you journey to success, you may have come across this popular quote that says “Behind every successful man, there is a Woman”. My short write up today will summarize who I think that woman is, and who she may be.

I think the woman behind that successful man is not necessarily your girlfriend, side chick, baby mama or even wife. I recently had a conversation with some young people (which I enjoy a lot), we spoke about this subject and over 80% of their interpretations to this quote was that they need a girlfriend or a wife to be successful. Now, i am left with a few concerns; What happens when you break up with the girlfriend, will you crumble, find a new girlfriend and rise to success again?

Did the quote say the woman has to be a girlfriend or wife? As a matter of fact, I think the woman in that context can be several women. As young people, our early success ride should not be dependent on anybody and that includes both man and woman. I recommend that a great deal of your inspiration on the journey to success be sourced from yourself. You know, success can be in several stages and the woman in each stage may change or increase.

I also think you do not necessarily need a girlfriend to be successful. For many of us, this emotional connection might even be a huge distraction. If you don’t think you can stay focused on your pursuit to success each time you and your girlfriend have a quarrel, do not enter a relationship until you have reached a level where you can deal with the distractions.

Dear teenage boys and young men, If you do not have a girlfriend, don’t feel pressured. For the woman in that quote can be your mother, elder sister, younger sister, female friend, girlfriend or wife. Beloved young ladies and women, If you do not have a boyfriend, do not feel pressured. For the man behind your success does not have to be your boyfriend. That man can be your father, elder brother, younger brother, male friend, boyfriend or husband.

My point simply is that, any person who consistently pushes you to be better, to make a difference and a living out of life can be the ‘woman’ standing behind that successful man.

Warm regards,
 IC Parklins.

Originally published at IC Parklins.