When you are looking for a Los Angeles janitorial services company that is committed to excellence, ICS is your trusted partner. We are proudly one of the best Janitorial companies Los Angeles has seen. Our ability to render an array of professional services while maintaining sustainability endears us to all our clients. Deep-seated in our company culture is the commitment to giving you the best janitorial services in the most environmentally sustainable way.

ICS’s Janitorial Services Company team has a vast industry-specific experience that ensures you are given only the best. We tailor our solutions specifically to your need, using the most cost-effective solutions, and we employ efficient cleaning systems that are environmentally safe. Client satisfaction is our topmost priority.

Whether you are undertaking a simple janitorial task or a major one, we are always on ground to deliver the best services that will make a difference for you and all you represent. Our team of janitors and custodians are committed to giving you superior delivery, giving your office or house a superb new look.

At ICS, we operate a pyramid-shaped organizational chart that sees our janitors and custodians above, supported by the other executive team members under them. We create an environment that supports productivity and sustainability in what you do.

Our cleaning business is beyond words. It flows into the very processes within our organization. In our processes, we strive to stay transparent and consistent with our value system which revolves around integrity and commitment to duty. Our employees are the foundation of the excellent services you get when you call on ICS, you are treated professionally.

At ICS, our culture of care is rooted in our everyday operation. Whether we are dealing with a client or we are working in the office, our processes are transparent, from the cost analysis of jobs to the chemicals we use in our Janitorial services. Our organization is regularly audited for sustainability.

We are the first organization whose day cleaning services has been certified by Health High- Performance Cleaning Day in the world. Our day cleaning services help you save up to 8% of energy costs. This is both beneficial for our clients and the janitors and custodians who work for us.

The testimony of our clients shows our level of excellence and commitment to duty. This is because our cleaning services are tailored to meet the needs of your establishment and its employees. Whether yours is a large building or a small building, whether you are doing Window washing or Construction cleanups, we are your number one trusted partner. Some of our other cleaning services include Floor finishing, carpet cleaning, temporary and surge labor and much more.

Giving your building a new look through our Los Angeles janitorial services is our delight at ICS. When you work with us, you have peace of mind because we committed to our word and the integrity of our organization in cleaning your office and environment in the most sustainable way.

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