Zhou Yahui, Chinese Web Tycoon and Owner of Grindr, Launches Content Sharing Blockchain Company, ICST

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Jun 15, 2018 · 3 min read

One of the youngest Chinese billionaires places his stake in the digital currency space

Los Angeles, Calif., June 14, 2018 — Zhou Yahui landed on the scene 2008 by founding Kunlun Tech, one of the biggest Chinese web game developers and operators, which led him to purchasing a stake in the Grindr App for $155 million. Yahui then purchased a stake in Rovioi Entertainmet of Finland, the company behind the online game Angry Birds. It doesn’t stop there. His latest transaction was the acquisition of the web browser Opera which exceeds 300 million monthly users.

Now, make room in Yahui’s portfolio for ICST, (Individual Content & Skill Token) a dynamic, tokenized content sharing social media ecosystem that seeks to empower artists, producers and creators via blockchain technology.

ICST comes in at the perfect time in Yahui’s career and today’s digital currency landscape due to the experience that Yahui has in generating strong userbases and the rising popularity of blockchain technology. ICST’s Ethereum backed blockchain platform is used to store, share and protect digital creative content to leverage artists, lower transaction costs and create an efficient ecosystem of revenue sharing.

To highlight Zhou Yahui’s ability to generate a strong user base, ICST is partnering with The StarMaker App to migrate creators to the ICST platform. With an inherent user base of 50 million and partnerships with American Idol and The Voice, the partnership projects to expedite the ability for creators to turn their creative output into a financial asset under the ICST token.

“I see an opportunity to make a great investment, disrupt an entire industry and help creators earn what they deserve,” said Zhou Yahui. “If I can put the pieces of the puzzle together, then that’s what I’m going to do.”

Zhou Yahui aims to propel his portfolio to being diverse and impactful in the social media and content sharing sector. Additionally, Yahui’s other business arms, such as Opera’s 300 million monthly users, can remarkably facilitate the adoption of the ICST platform. Yahui aims to spearhead his new vision and take advantage of the growing peer-to-peer content distribution model via blockchain technology with ICST.

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From now until June 30th, creators can submit and share a video between 5–30 seconds to ICST’s Instagram handle @icst_global while using hashtag #icstidol. Users must be apart of ICST’s telegram community. Each submission will receive 30 ICST tokens and the winner will receive 100,000 ICST tokens, which is worth approximately 10 Ethereum coins. The winner will be selected on June 30th.

About ICST: Individual Content and Skills Token (ICST) is a blockchain-based protocol and token (Individual Content & Skill Token) designed to improve creative content and skill sharing across the world. By providing a revolutionized framework for content sharing, we’re able to increase the income of content producers, reduce transaction costs/fees, and create

a powerful evaluation system that connects consumers directly with the content that best meets their needs.

Media Contact: Jarrett Love


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Individual Content and Skills Token (or ICST) is a platform used to identity, store and protect creative content using blockchain technology — www.icst.io

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