ICT.Moscow’s weekly news digest

On June 10, the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the representatives of Yandex, Mail.ru Group, “1C”, “Rostelecom”, “Third Opinion” and other companies discussed the development of IT and telecom industries.

The participants of the meeting presented their vision of the work during crisis…

ICT.Moscow’s weekly news digest

The ability to adapt to current issues and meet the challenges of the present day is an essential feature of startups. In Russia, many startups are actively engaged in combating COVID-19 adapting their solutions or recalling their capabilities.

Experts note that developers have shown high productivity…

ICT.Moscow’s weekly news digest

Ernst&Young studied how the restrictive measures introduced due to COVID-19 affected the telecom market and concluded that the industry is quite stable in the new realities. Among the main challenges highlighted there are increased load on the network, network and capital investment optimization, stores closure and…


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