Registration Portal Now Open

We are pleased to announce that in preparation for the iCumulate PreSale event on 30th November 2018, the registration portal is now open.

Users are invited to visit the iCumulate website and click any of the “BUY TOKENS” links which will take them through to the signup process.

Once logged into the portal, users will go need to go through a simple “Know Your Customer” (KYC) process performed by our technology partners, Shufti Pro, to complete the registration.

Completing the KYC process also enables users to participate in our Token Referral Program whereby you will be given a unique referral link to share with your community and earn extra tokens for every new token sale contributor you bring to the project. We have allocated large pool of 35Million ICU tokens for the referral program and these will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Full details on the program will be announced very shortly.

Users who complete the registration and KYC process will be all set to make contributions as soon as the token sale opens at 12:00pm UTC on the 30th November 2018. At this time the payment section of the portal will also unlock, displaying the destination address where users need to send their ETH and also the information (input data) they need to include in their transfer.

Please remember when the token sale opens to not send ETH directly from an exchange wallet as your funds could be lost. Please also make sure that you check out our contribution guide here.

Thank you for all of your ongoing interest in the project and your kind words of support. If you have any questions on this or any other part of the token sale please feel free to join our telegram discussion group.