The iCumulate Referral Program

One of the founding principles of the iCumulate platform involves leveraging social media communication behaviours and crowd wisdom whilst filtering and promoting the very best ideas and talent.

The Overview

Keeping faithful to our principles we have created a referral program for the iCumulate Token Sale, to help spread the word and let everyone learn about the project and its unique perspective. Starting from today, anyone that completes the KYC process on our ICO cabinet will be issued a unique referral link which can be shared among their own communities in order to gain extra referral tokens during the sale period.

The Details

To illustrate this example we will use our favourite investor, Bob.

Bob is interested in the project so he visits the iCumulate website to complete the KYC process in good time before the token sale starts (Presale starts 30th November / Main Sale starts 10th December 2018).

From the website Bob clicks one of the “BUY TOKENS” buttons and enters the contribution cabinet area. From there upon successfully passing the “know your customer” (KYC) verification process, Bob is provided with a unique referral link.

Bob (the referrer) can now copy and paste/email his unique link to his friends or pass it onto his followers in social media channels (e.g. twitter, telegram, facebook, youtube, instagram, WeChat, Kik, KakaoTalk, Line, Reddit, Slack).

Now, lets assume that one of his followers, Jane, has not already signed up to the iCumulate token sale contribution cabinet. Jane sees the link that Bob has shared online which will bring her to the iCumulate ICO cabinet to also register and complete KYC.

From that point on every time Jane makes a contribution to the iCumulate token sale she will receive an extra 2% of ICU referral tokens and Bob will receive 5% of ICU referral tokens.

Bob does not have to make a contribution to the token sale, in order to participate in the iCumulate referral program, however, it is anticipated that he will be an iCumulate enthusiast.

iCumulate is based in Gibraltar and will be one of the first companies to be fully regulated under the new world leading Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) regulatory framework there. Therefore, all participants in the token sale and referral program have to pass KYC verification. Further details on the verification process can be found here.

The number of referral tokens available is limited to 35 million and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Participants of the referral program will be able to see their referral tokens credited to their cabinet account and they will receive these after the end of the token sale, provided the soft cap target is reached.

An example:

If Jane uses Bob’s referral link to sign up and then she contributes 20 Ether (ETH) during the Presale, she will receive 264,000 ICU sale tokens + 79,200 ICU bonus tokens (30% presale bonus) + 5280 ICU referral tokens (2% referral bonus). Bob for playing his part in introducing Jane, will receive 13,200 ICU referral tokens in his account (5% referral bonus).

If you have any questions on the referral program or the iCumulate project, please join our telegram discussion channel.

If you still haven’t checked out the interactive demo which shows how you can trade any crypto, fx or commoditity from the single iCumulate account, then you can find it on our website or directly here.