How To Build Prospect List For Online Marketing

When you talk about online marketing, and to be effective, as is the case of direct response advertising or multilevel business to get new partners, you must have a “Big Data”. One way is to pay a large company to pass the data you are interested in, the other is to build it.

To build it is mandatory to use a self-response system, to be able to create your list of prospect in a simple and professional way. Without this tool, you will not be able to start creating a “gold mine” around your business.

How do you build a prospect list?

Some useful tips are:

Provides useful and relevant content

Your visitors will not leave your data just because you free content. There is something more important and more difficult, and it is useful content for the reader.

Have a subscription form in all your pages

It is very important that the person who visits your blog is very easy to join your prospect list. That is why it is imperative that on each page you have a subscription form.

Make it easy for the prospect to subscribe

For the prospect to leave the data fast and easy it is preferable to leave the minimum possible data. First with the name and the e-mail will enough and even with just the e-mail, in many cases, is enough.

Uses social networks

Do not let the opportunity to show all your followers contents that have a link that directs them to a capture form. With Facebook, Twitter, Google +, it’s easy to do.

Offers gifts

Not that you are Santa Claus, but good exclusive and free content is very attractive for the visitor to leave your data. The advice is that you offer a lot of free value in exchange for your data. Building a large prospect list will never be so easy.

Allows downloads

If you are willing to give away content, it is good that you allow that content can also be used by third parties and offered as a gift. Of course, to do it well and maintain your high profile, do not allow the content could be modified.

Create capture pages

A landing page is the best way to channel your traffic and leave their data. There your prospects can subscribe in exchange for a gift as I said before. Having different well-configured capture pages will help your prospect list become infinite.


If on every capture page you have testimonials in any format in audio or video has more credibility. It is a good way to call action to people who reach that catch.

Post in other blogs

This works wonderfully, if you can post on a blog that already has visitors, great, you just must direct them to your capture form.

Another way to do this is to leave good comments and leave a link that leads to your form, yes, never leave the link within the content but, it’s OK in the place that is prepared for these cases.

At the end, you will get your own “Big Data”, the contact list, your permissioned data, but of course this involves time and dedication. If you are not willing to invest time in this project, as I said in the first paragraph, you can buy, it or hire specialists in the field.

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