Marketing Mix And Mobile Advertising


Globalization has facilitated automation of business processes. Marketing technologies exists to support any firm striving to remain relevant in this sophisticated software driven global economy. This article examines the role of mobile and email advertisement and marketing.

Mobile platform

What is it that cannot be done through a mobile phone nowadays? With a phone one can do virtually all tasks that a computer would perform anywhere any time. Through a phone payments are possible to anywhere using a variety of payment methods. Mobile platform has made it possible for customers to send and receive real time messages at great speed. This has a positive effect on marketing Return on Investment. Firms close a lot of sales through mobile phones in today’s business world. Customers can also grab opportunities and exploit them as they come. In summary through mobile platform, firms have succeeded in meeting their advertising and marketing goals.

Email marketing

Many people own mobile phones than computers put together. This means that more than fifty percent of emails are sent or received via phones. This is a big success to the firms, because they will be able to reach out to majority of the customers through their adverts and at the same time generating traffic to their individual websites.Through email as a promotion, a firm can directly access a potential customers’ inbox, present products and lure the customer into buying the same. Through emails firms are able to create awareness worldwide about their products. Customers are also more knowledgeable than in the past due to the rapid information dissemination and retrieval via the internet. Most firms collaborate or contract other firms for third party email list. They also sophisticated secured email servers for sending and receiving inbound mails.

They also screen new customers and screen customers for follow up. It important to note that majority of companies today contracts other firms to undertake the hosting of their individual websites. Such contracted companies also undertake to dispatch emails on behalf of their clients as per agreed schedule. The can also gather data on prospective customers and forward a list to their clients for follow up purposes. Email marketing despite the fact that it contribute to a lot of junk email which annoy prospective customers, it is one of the most popular marketing mix that not only help a firm to close sale, but also generate traffic to the website.


Because of this rapid flow of information, firms are faced with the challenge of managing large amount of data collected from customers. This is why the marketing technologies come in handy. CRMs are such technologies, meant to manage existing customer data and also monitor behavioral characteristic of individual customer with the aim of customizing communication. Without email and mobile marketing and advertisements then probably most firms would still be manually advertising and marketing.Email and mobile platform has rejuvenated the Business to business and Business to consumer marketing technologies with a lot of success.

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