Pinoy Dreams : a perfumed nightmare

In the wake of Duterte’s bloody extra judicial killings [or EJKs] our Pinoy media is flooded with the Belo-Kho wedding of the decade.

They’ve even created a hashtag to mark the grand occasion. #aKHOandmyBELOved

Fairy tale or fantasy? Dream come true or trumped up circus?

Diverse as the two are there are too many similarities to them.

Both draw and fascinate the masses — polarizing the pros against the cons.

Both are over the top spectacles — in varying stages of questionable taste.

We have to beg the obvious — just because they can be done does not make either right.

In the wake of Kian’s recent death both are tragic at the least and heinous at the worst.

Life in the Philippines has devolved into this sad circus of demented entertainment between the haves and the have nots.

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