Lenovo Duet Chromebook

While content creation and gaming becomes easier to do on Chromebooks, it still is not as smooth an experience as you might expect on a laptop device.

Apps that run natively often run into issues trying to utilize the intel integrated graphics. Meanwhile, most content creation web apps have prohibitive subscription costs when compared to their offerings.

Seeing an opportunity to grab some more market share, Mediatek and Nvidia have announced a partnership that will bring the GPU maker’s graphics cards to Chromebooks running on Mediatek’s ARM CPUs.

One of the most popular recent Chromebooks is the Lenovo Duet. That…

How does a high-end Chromebook fare?

Kdenlive running on the Galaxy Chromebook

For our final test of Chrome OS’ video editing prowess, let’s look at how a higher-end Chromebook released in 2020 fares.

I’ll use my Galaxy Chromebook to do this, but keep in mind that expensive Chromebooks don’t all perform the same way. There are SKUs of the Pixelbook Go that cost way more than a Galaxy Chromebook, but have less performance due to their Y-series processors.

There are also less expensive Chromebooks that have the same processor as the Galaxy, but use a fan cooling system to fully open up their engines, making them faster.

Still, this is a good…

Resident Evil 8 is coming to Google Stadia (Screen capture by author)

Google Stadia has had a rash of bad news lately. After the closure of their first party development studio, it was looking like the tech company had lost the stomach for the gaming industry.

They’ve clapped back by announcing quite a few games, promising 100+ new titles over 2021. The latest Pro game announcement backs that up.

Resident Evil 7, another entry in Capcom’s popular horror series, will be releasing as a free Stadia Pro game on April 1st. …

What do we know?

Nobleman on a hunt with his daughter and wife. (Image courtesy of the British Museum)

Princess. The word is ripe with meaning and subtext in western consciousness. Because of that, female members of aristocratic and monarchal families are often fantasized about.

That can lead to controversial decisions, such as labelling a Native American chieftain’s daughter a “princess” (Looking at you Disney). But it can also lead to interesting discussions of what life was like for people whose voices weren’t often heard throughout history.

Over on the AskHistorians Sub-Reddit, I was asked a question regarding Egyptian Princesses.

What exactly would a royal young woman in Ancient Egypt spend her day doing?

Education & Responsibility

First, let’s get the title…

Running Flatpaks on Your Chromebook

Flathub App Store on the Galaxy Chromebook (Image by author)

Installing Linux applications can range from “easy as pie” to “shoot me now.”

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of typing a few lines in the terminal. Other times, it means doing loads of setup, fighting mistakes and errors, and yet still missing a dependency, preventing the program from running.

I’ve been there too.

In situations like that, using app bundles like Flatpaks can be a lifesaver.

Note: This tutorial assumes that you’re Chromebook:

  1. Has Linux capability.
  2. Has Linux installed.
  3. Is running on an x86 processor. If you’re using an ARM device (Such as the Lenovo Duet) this app store will…

Our Mission Statement

Image by author

“Nyama be kuma la.”

— A Mande Proverb.

It means, “there is nyama in speech.” Nyama being a Mande concept that westerners might liken to supernatural power. The closest American concept I can think of would be George Lucas’ “Force.”

As a more academic source, McNaughton describes it as:

“The necessary power force behind every movement, every task. It is a prerequisite to all action and it is admitted as a byproduct of every act. The more difficult the task, the more energy demanded and the more emitted… But it is more than energy. …

Medieval Worlds Collide

Image by author

To many in the “Western” world, Africans skipped the middle ages and ran headfirst into a world where they could be colonized by people of lighter skin. Some people might be able to rattle off more well-known peoples and events pre-Scramble, but it’s called “the Dark Continent” for a reason (or 2).

Frankly, it’s somewhat disgusting. Despite there being hundreds of stories to tell with plenty of characters, most of the world sees Africa as this monolithic place, lost in time and with nothing to offer. There was no Africa before Europe found it, right?

Ignoring how false that is…

Google Stadia Paves the Way

Livestreaming from my balcony (Image by author)

How the humble Chromebook has grown. Just as the gaming options have exploded this year, so have the content creation ones. If you’ve ever wanted to become a streamer, and rely on a Chromebook to do your computing, now’s your chance to share your gaming experiences. Today, Google is rolling out the “Livestream to YouTube” feature on Stadia.

Even though Google promised a 4k streaming experience, most games seem to lock the stream in 1080p 60 fps. Still, even without a Stadia Pro membership, you can start streaming right now!

8 More Countries Can Game On Any Screen

Image by author

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know Cyberpunk 2077 — the biggest game of the year — comes out in just a couple of days. If you’d like to play Cyberpunk 2077 with high graphics settings, but don’t have a rig or console to make that happen, enter Google Stadia.

The Stadia team has just announced 8 new European countries that can get in on the fun. If you live in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, or Switzerland, welcome to the Stadia family. That brings the total of countries up to 22!

Stadia is…

Chromebooks Come With Perks

Image by author

As I showed in a direct comparison with iPadOS, Chrome OS users have a lot of options for getting creative. Google seems to want us to think of Chromebooks as all-in-one devices, too. Besides a blog post all about using Chrome OS for art, design, and videography, they’ve also just released 6 new perks that will help you get the most out of your Chromebook.

Ian Williams

Verbally, on my Chromebook, or with the power of the pen, storytelling will always be a passion of mine.

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