When Being Yourself Causes Others To Feel Intimidated
Poornima Vijayashanker

I’ve often had the problem that I’ve been described as being intimidating. I always put it down to being a bit of a Goth, but lately it’s becoming more and more apparent that it’s because I draw boundaries, and I call people out when they cross them. I currently work in education and the students might call me “scary”, but it’s usually just because they’ve been pulled up over not handing work in on time, or some other way of crossing the line. I have noticed though that the only colleagues to call me intimidating are the ones I’ve had problems with, either because they put me down, or question everything that I do. The ones I get on with don’t find me intimidating at all. So it makes me wonder, are they only intimidated because I don’t take their crap lying down? In response to Vic’s message above, I wonder if everyone really DOES find her intimidating, or it’s just her boss and he/she is saying that everyone feels the same way to make themselves feel better…

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