(honestly it may not be for you…)

by Icy Johnson

Cuffing Season, that hip term “Black Twitter” came up with about 5–6 years ago that describes that time period right after Thanksgiving to around the middle of March and could be extended depending on how bad the weather is. We see the memes, “The Cuffing Season Draft” with references to the timeline of a football season. It looks and sounds cool.

But is it really a thing? Cuffing season that is? I mean yes, this time of year is when people find someone or (a few people) to chill and spend quality time with, have good sex with and watch good movies with. You’re spending a good amount of time with someone that you might not have done in the summer time. Because in the summer time you’re “outchea”, you don’t have time to be stationary with anyone. There’s a lot more outside activities and events to attend and find someone for (clears throat) “cuffing season”.

The cycle never ends.

Uh Oh! Wait. What’s going on? You’re starting to like this person. Because of the time of year, you even want to get them a valentine’s day gift. Damn. What happened?

Well quality time happened. Getting to know the person happened. You know the [erson you vetted to spend a little more time with. A lot of actual “Netflix & Chilin” happened. You put them on with all those cool movies you keep in the “tuck” for this time of year and they did the same. Y’all share intimate details about each other that brings you a little closer. Don’t forget about the super bowl of Cuffing Season in my opinion; THE BLIZZARD SNOW IN. During this time everything is magnified because there’s no getting it wrong on who you choose to get snowed in with. The wrong person could be a disastrous choice and make the next 4–5 days horrific or could cement what you already learned during cuffing season. This “in the house” time is letting you know that this person could possibly be someone you could be with. (thinking emoji) I find it interesting that this is lost on people during all the jokes about the draft, being drafted or not being drafted.

Now if you could spend an extended amount of time with someone, getting to know them, enjoying the sex and maybe even some dates here and there you might be cold blooded and a savage. I think its hard to not develop feelings for someone with so much quality time being had. Maybe it just me but all this behavior can lead to you ending up with a franchise player.

Now I don’t subscribe to the whole cuffing season ideology because it seems the goal is to participate in it, then cut it off because its nice outside and its time to get your “hoe on“

Well if nothing else you can see who cuffing season went wrong for when people pop up with unexpected relationships or maybe pregnant in a few months. My advice for the ladies is since cuffing season is supposed to mirror the NFL season then when you select you draft pick make sure you write in “spend time with you on Valentines day” as non-negotiable. Fellas look I think you should do what you were doing in the summer, honestly nothing is different, maybe spend a little more time with the one who you chill with and can cook up steak right. Other than that just do what you normally do. (Disclaimer: this advice should be exercised if you absolutely aren’t looking for a girl)

I wish you all good luck and hope cuffing season is going well for you, but remember when the snow comes…

Choose wisely.