A good idea sells. But data and science sells even more

The outstanding panel with Nancy Harhut, Next Genneration Marketing with Neuroscience, on SXSW 2017 day 2, brought a few examples on how small changes on a subject copy or call to action button can improve hugelly the convertion rates.

That because, according to researches:

95% of purchase decision-making takes place in the subconscious mind.

Gerald Zaltman, Harvard Business School, “How Costumers Think”

Simple tricks to improve your performance:

  • e-mails with emojis on the subject has 31 to 34% higgher open rate (Worldata);
  • “Ooops”,”Sorry”, “We didn`t meant to sent you…” 47% higher (Worldata);
  • A CTA copy that shows the bennefits like “Show me outfits I`ll love” performs 123,9% better than the good old “Sign Up now” (Copyblogger);
  • Single choice aversion: give the audience a this OR that decision to be made. 10% discount on car rent or 5% discount on hotel booking. It performs 4 times better than a single shot offer (Tulane University).