Don’t let others control you.

This is an emergency bulletin. I can’t wait to release this on my own webspace, because it’s simply too important.

My thoughts are not always clear. However, I’ve finally realized something fully that I have been thinking about for ten years.

Please observe the following graph:

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

This is called “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs”. You can look it up yourself and research it if you like, but this graph is going to be absolutely necessary for the rest of this article.

You are being played on every side that it is possible to be played on. In the United States of America right now, there is a growing division between people of every stripe, whether they are some sort of conservative, liberal, centrist or moderate, or even somewhere in-between or even outside that given spectrum. There is growing dissent and people are beginning to kill each other over ideology, or just because their ideology states that every other person not within their ideology is a threat. Every side is playing you, trying to make you turn on any given side that they deem to be a ‘threat.’

I am a liar. For the past 20 years, I have researched and done experiments with people in order to best understand how to produce, maintain, and perpetuate any given deception. I am good at manipulating people.

For the past five years, I’ve had a change of heart. I don’t believe that manipulating innocent people is essential to the survival of the human race — I think that the only way that humanity is going to survive is for every human being to understand how they can be manipulated.

So let me begin to teach you.

Every cult begins by preying on a desire for acceptance. This is a very human need. A cult will fulfill the first need — Physiological — that of being fed, clothed, and being able to live in some sort of environment without fear of being evicted.

The second need is security, and it is tied with the first, in that a person’s needs will be taken care of seemingly unconditionally.

The third and fourth are where most cannot escape: it is when, within the group, the person’s sense of being is subverted, so that they feel they are not themselves unless they are within the group, and liked by the group.

This happened in GamerGate. This happened in Chanology. This happened in Anonymous. This has happened in every single website where people take themselves a little bit too seriously — they end up making pseudo-families, that they want to use to handle their every given need. It has happened with SJWs, and it has happened with the Alt-Right.

There are people right now who are telling you that they are the only ones who can defeat “the liberals,” or “the SJWs,” or “the Alt-Right”. These people are lying to you. They themselves are a part of some greater clique, or loose coalition of people who are just like the groups that they claim to be fighting. You are being played.

Nowadays, it is big business to ensnare a person’s heart and soul. How they do it is by putting you at ease. Within these groups, people will ‘take care’ of you, so long as you espouse the same ideology that they do, and help them perpetuate said ideology. But the minute that you choose not to, they actively go against you.

These are cults. Recognize the signs of that. No matter if they lead their flock from the real world, or from YouTube, or from Twitter, or from Facebook, there are cults in the world that are growing stronger, and they are growing stronger because they are not considered cults.

Think of the Antifascists. Think of the Alt-Right. Think of GamerGate. Think of Anti-GamerGate. These places were filled with people who had no tolerance for questions or critical inquiry. The most important individuals within the groups never financially disclose any of the ‘charity’ work that they do. They make their followers feel afraid of the outside world, and claim that they, and only they, are the ones that can protect their followers from this evil.

When a person leaves the group, the people who leave are always wrong. There is never any legitimate reason to leave. There is widespread abuse within the groups, and the group itself is always presented as the exclusive means of knowing ‘the truth’.

You are in a cult right now. You don’t even know it, because you joined it because you wanted to feel accepted.

I can’t help you any further than this.