Twitter unverification

This is going to be real brief because I need to get in some fun times before I have to go back to work tomorrow.

Milo Yiannopoulos got unverified on Twitter for being a bastard. That was obvious. He later got suspended, just as Tila Tequila and Azealia Banks(whoever the fuck that is) got suspended. So that makes sense.

However, just now, Pewdiepie got unverified by Twitter.

Because they think he’s a member of ISIS.

At some point, I have to start asking questions, because Twitter appears to be staffed by flying monkeys. First and foremost of these questions: just what the fuck is the point of unverifying someone?

Twitter themselves claims that verification is not an endorsement. They merely verify users that are ‘highly-sought’. Okay: that’s fine. but, if it’s not an endorsement, why do people get their checkmarks taken away when they don’t behave? That suggests that the checkmark is a mark of not only fame, but of good behavior while being famous, and that Twitter doesn’t want to deal with you, even if you’re highly-sought-after.

So, what’s the fucking checkmark actually mean? For me, it’s the emotional equivalent of a gold star sticker that you get as a kid. For others, this seems to be the case as well. But if it’s not an endorsement, and it’s not a meaningless gold star (it is, but for sake of argument, let’s assume it’s not), then, what is it?

Let’s examine what it gets you.

You can view mentions only from other verified people.

And… that’s it.

So what the fuck is it useful for? Practically nothing, but the entire process seems to be Twitter’s implicit endorsement: you’re told, during the verification process, how to tweet correctly, how to interact with other verified users, and it’s obvious that verification only comes to and remains with people who make Twitter look good.

So, in point of fact, even if Twitter says it’s not an endorsement?

Yeah, it is.

And they’ll take it away if you make them look bad.

EDIT: Holy shit, Tila Tequila got banned, then she came back, and she’s Verified again.


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