YouTube Drama — h3h3productions and Leafy

This is the second time I’ve written this. Previously, this was going to be a YouTube video. However, not many people would probably actually listen to the YouTube video, so I’m going to write this here.

h3h3productions came out against his former friend, Leafy, stating that Leafy is basically a bully. And Leafy is. Leafy habitually targets children and other vulnerable people on YouTube, and makes fun of them. Leafy made fun of an autistic duder and that ended with a YouTube dogpile, that left the duder in tears.

Couple of hours ago, I hear that Leafy has come out against h3h3productions, leaking some Twitter direct messages of his (private messages). And I see that Ethan of h3h3productions has tried to defend himself.

First and foremost: this exchange has now become meaningless. What was once Ethan calling out a bully, has now transformed into a back-and-forth, where Ethan feels the need to defend himself. And while I’m not saying that Ethan should stop defending himself — not at all, he does what he pleases — Leafy is trying to muddy this issue, by trying to bring up “bad” things that Ethan has done.

No matter what Ethan has done or said, the fact that Leafy is a bully remains untouched. There is nothing one person can say or do to make the bad actions of another invalid. The “wrong” committed by one person has no affect on the “wrong” committed by another; crimes don’t cancel each other out.

In addition to what’s going on right now, I see more stupid shit on the horizon: the YouTube drama vultures will soon be on their way. No doubt KeemStar will see this as an opportunity to gain even more fame and currency.

You see, this entire thing has just reminded me of how shitty YouTube is. Besides the drama that everyone leaps upon and finds so delicious, we have people who have literally become famous off of other people’s drama. Their monthly income depends upon how much they capitalize on the interpersonal disagreements and crises of others.

I don’t often tell people how they should live their lives. But I will make an exception here:

We are not rabid animals. We are not to treat each other in this way. We are not to cannibalize each other simply to make ourselves feel better. I see this every single day: people seek out anyone who is famous, and they try to grandstand, they try to make themselves look or feel better, off of something that famous person has said. And by famous, I also mean any private individual who’s suddenly thrust into the public eye.

I’ve noticed that human beings love to degrade and debase people who are in the public eye. I always thought that was strange, but I had a sinking feeling that I would never be able to combat that sort of behavior. Well, here’s my attempt at it: this shit is ridiculous and it needs to stop.

Every time there’s any sort of “drama,” I see human beings transform into monsters.

I’ve had enough.

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