You live on a big red checkered table cloth, on the corner of someones asscrack and smoke break.

Before you leave the house remember to check that your wallet and your phone and your keys are with you. Check the gas is off and you’re turned on Check that the little monsters are not under the bed, but in your Fjallraven Kanken backpack. You take a blue pill. You look at blue screens. You take another blue pill you make sure your contact lenses aren’t inside out, now, like they were that one time. THAT WAS HORRIBLE. You make sure you can see, but you don’t go looking.

Whose mom, over a boiling pot of saltwater in the kitchen, told them watching is helping?

The story of your life is that you used to live in losangelhair pasta,

And now you live by a lake: on a big, red checkered table cloth. on the corner of ass crack and smoke break.

around dinnertime….you throw yourself between the stove and the cabinet to test if you are ready.

you cover yourself in tomato sauce and cheese. add a grain of salt.

You make enough for leftovers: You’ll want this, later, later later later later when’s dinner? later.

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