You shouldn’t choose our product because it’s cheaper. You should choose it because it’s better.

Raising the prices is the responsible thing to do

“Become an expert in your own sexuality in 3 steps”, is how the Lioness vibrator is pitched. But where might your data end up?

The Internet-connected fridge is the typical example of mundane technology that might soon be online. Getting sex toys online makes the problematic sides of IoT more evident.

2017 was a year were Silicon Valley received more criticism on more fronts than ever. But should tech giants be fought with regulations — or with code?

An endless list of controversies

Laws can change attitudes, and changed attitudes can change how we act.

Ok, so how illegal is it?

Excited mentors and new speakers at the Global Diversity CFP Day in Berlin!

Even if you have tons of experience as a conference speaker — make sure you take part in the next global diversity CFP day.

How do you let your users chose any color, but still make sure that the colors make your app useful and accessible? You create rules.

To pick or not to pick a brand color

Should we really let them make this choice?

1) Hva heter knappen, 2) Hvor mange alternativ får jeg og 3) Hva slags informasjon ber de meg om?

1) Hva heter knappen?

  • DN: Kjøp DN
  • Klassekampen: Prøv avisa gratis i 3 uker / Abonnement
  • VG: VG+
  • Dagbladet: PLUSS
  • Aftenposten: Bli abonnent
  • Morgenbladet: Bestill abonnement
  • Minerva: Bli abonnent
  • Dagsavisen: Abonnement
  • Drammens Tidende (Amedia): Bli abonnent! / Prøv oss i 5 uker for 5kr
  • Nationen: Les Nationen i 8 uker for kun kr 199,-
  • Dine Penger: Bli abonnent

2) Hvilke og hvor mange alternativer får jeg?

  • Hva slags fornyingsfrekvens skal det være på abonnementet, som typisk har alternativene ukentlig, månedlig, kvartalsvis og årlig.
  • Om abonnementet skal…

Filmer som kom på kino i 2017 (16)

Raw: 5/6

Ida Aalen

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer

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