The Origins of American Democratic Fascism
War Is Boring

A lot of words to discuss the symptoms while ignoring the cause. If you read Plato’s Republic, Plato discusses the various forms of government along with their strengths and weaknesses. In our democracy (constitutional republic for those who nitpick) we face a fundamental assumption that is highly flawed. That assumption is that the voter is well educated, highly versed on the issues, and votes according which is best overall without regard to personal gain.
Because we have an electorate that is largely ignorant, who are swayed by personal greed (What’s in this for me?), and largely unmotivated, we get politicians who pander by promising them the world with things such as unlimited welfare (for not having a job in your family for generations is not your fault), a chicken in every pot, a car in every garage, and a diploma on every wall. Not only do we vote in various policies that are self destructive and irresponsible, but we vote in political leaders who are as corrupt as they are incompetent. That Hillary Clinton was ever allowed to come so close to winning the Presidential election is clear evidence of this.


Sorry, but this article is long and cites a bunch of neat stuff, but that does not relieve it from being shallow and partisan. There is a reason why my attention span for this web site is steadily declining and that is the consistent poor quality of the articles.

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