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We have it on the say so of CNN that this guy was a racist, antisemitic, and who knows what else. Given the level of credibility CNN has garnered over the last year or so I would never accept this claim solely upon their say so.

But it gets more interesting when you consider the considerable effort CNN went through to ID this fellow. They never went through this effort trying to ID any of the many anonymous sources used in any of their stories that were later retracted. Why not track down the anonymous sources that embarrassed CNN with their false stories and set them into their place? No, this effort specifically for this person was nothing but a witch hunt with a specific purpose. They wanted to go after a person who supported Trump and anyone else is safe.

Imagine now if they doxxed this person only to find out it was a Ben Carson-type of individual who was above reproach. Imagine if they doxxed this person only to discover it was a 12 year old kid messing around on his computer.

No, this reeks of payback. It reeks of coercion or blackmail. It reeks of nothing else. It is now the coercion news network.

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