8 Ways To Decorate Your Fireplace

Let’s be honest. If you have a fireplace it’s more than likely one of your favorite parts of your home. It’s so inviting and warm. It’s the place that you gather around with your family to make memories, especially on those cold winter nights. It’s the place you sit in front of with a cup of hot coffee or hot chocolate and talk with your kids or spouse about your lives and your futures. And, it’s also the place that you have the most difficult time decorating. Sometimes, it’s elaborate enough that it doesn’t need much decoration. In this article, we’ll share with you 8 different ways you can cleverly decorate your fireplace, making it even more special to you than it was before.

Add A Nativity Scene

This option is obviously more for the holidays, but you can easily convert your fireplace into a nativity scene. While this may seem counterproductive to its purpose, if you’re someone who lives in a warmer state this could actually be the perfect set up. Also, who said that you just had to have a nativity scene during the holidays? Why not, during the summer months, show Mary and baby Jesus some love and keep them displayed all year long?

Book Storage

Storing your books in a fireplace can actually give off a cool ambience. It provides a rustic feel, while making some of your most treasured classics easily accessible. This is mainly a great option for homeowners that have a historic fireplace that no longer functions. Fill it with historical books, antique looking books, and leather bound books for a vintage vibe. Obviously, it goes without saying that if your fireplace does work, to take out all of your literature before lighting a fire.

Mismatched Candlesticks

This is a great look for summer months when you do not necessarily want to use your fireplace. The inside of your fireplace can make an excellent spot to showcase a mismatched collection of candlesticks. You can mix in a variety of finishes, just make sure for unison sake you are using the same type of metallic.


This could be a great idea during the holidays if you’ve run out of room underneath the Christmas tree, or your spouse forgot to buy one. Instead of trying to pile them high and cover up your beautiful tree, or just stacking them in a corner. Clean out your fireplace and stack them in inside. What better place to gather around during Christmas morning than a tree and a fireplace?

Potted Greenery

Whether it’s the summer, fall, spring, or winter, putting greenery in your fireplace can add a cool effect and breathe life into your home. Especially during Christmas if there’s no room in your living room for a tree. Put some potted little Christmas trees inside the fireplace for a festive effect. For proper balance, stick with an odd number of trees. And to ensure that trees thrive, keep them in living rooms with abundant natural light and add drainage to their pots with the drill or paddle bit.

Light Wrapped Logs

If you want the look of a fire, but without the heat during summer months, try using light wrapped logs. These logs are wrapped with twinkle lights and add a faint glimmer to the wood during the day and a soft ambient glow at night. Perfect for those times when you want to sit around the fire and get cozy but not be heated out of house and home.

Metallic Painted Firewood

if you have nonfunctioning fireplace you can put a modern spin on logs with metallic spray paint. This will bring in a cool effect, and not make your fireplace completely useless. It gives the fireplace and your room a unique and interesting focal point.

Faux Brick Walls

Another thing you can do if you have a nonfunctioning fireplace, but still wanted to have a wow factor, is faux brick it. Faux brick panels look exactly like real brick and add a rustic and beautiful ambience to your fireplace without costing you an arm and a leg.

No matter how you decide to decorate your fireplace, just remember the most important thing is that you continue to use it for it’s real purpose. To bring you and your family together and make memories that will last a lifetime.