From IaC Uncertainty to Cloud Sovereignty

Idan Yalovich
2 min readApr 30, 2024


Cloud Evolution takes its next leap.

A decade ago, scaling software on servers was an extremely challenging task. From the necessary logistics of server procurement to the complexities of maintaining a server room and setting up software, each stage in the process was filled with inefficiencies and endless obstacles.

Fast forward to today, the cloud landscape has transformed dramatically. With just a click, we can now deploy powerful servers in an auto-scaling network that spans regions and environments. Cloud resources have evolved into a widely accessible commodity, empowering not just sysadmins and DevOps but also enabling broader teams to provision resources directly — cutting through the red tape and eliminating bottlenecks.

However, this shift towards decentralized provisioning introduces a dynamic and challenging environment for platform teams across markets, verticals, and geographies. These teams are required to facilitate self-service while simultaneously upholding standards for reliability, security, and cost-effectiveness, often with an outdated toolbox.

In early 2024, we launched Bluebricks to revolutionize cloud infrastructure management at scale. Our goal is to make it intuitive for enterprises to innovate, scale, and lead in the ever-evolving cloud landscape. At Bluebricks, we’re unlocking the full potential of cloud technologies by streamlining the provisioning process while allowing Platform Teams to maintain full sovereignty.

With Bluebricks, teams no longer have to decide between enabling self-service autonomy and ensuring the highest standards of reliability, security, and cost efficiency.

Join us as we pave the way for a scalable, more efficient cloud future.

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Idan Yalovich,
Founder and CEO at Bluebricks



Idan Yalovich

Founder and CEO at Bluebricks | Former Zest Founder and CEO