Zest: One year later and a powerful combination

Easing interactions between humans and technology

It may seem simple, but often a single business process or workflow requires several different applications. For example, an employee scheduling a vacation may clear the dates with supervisors and project managers, register their time off through the company’s payroll system, and schedule an away from office message in their email, messaging and calendar applications.

Getting lost while completing a multiple systems process
Receiving and automation guidance to quickly complete processes

Removing obstacles to workplace productivity

In the past several years, companies have accelerated their digital transformations. Apps are welcomed in the workplace and the number of available tools has exploded.

Changing the context of work with a better way to look at (and for) data

Zest was built to increase productivity by flipping the script on data searches. Zest brings all of a user’s data sources together in a single business process.

Zest + WalkMe = Faster, human-centered digital transformations

Combining WalkMe’s knowledge of core business processes and the Zest engine, we’re changing the way companies manage their digital transformations.

Complete business processes without visiting the designated applications



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Idan Yalovich

Idan Yalovich

VP, Building Workstation at WalkMe (NASDAQ: WKME) | Former Zest Founder and CEO