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I thought that Real Madrid were excellent the entire match. The first half was more Bayern offensively but it didn’t seem like Madrid were overwhelmed at any point during the Bayern onslaught. The second half was a masterclass. The most impressive display the whites have put on all season. A very tight and organized possession based game that pinned Bayern back for larger spells than one would think against a team of such quality. Ronaldo has peaked at right point of the season, the unit showed great depth and they have shown consistency in taking games back after conceding first. Very huge win for the double.

Bayern opened the match with the quality and sharpness a German team is expected to offer at home. The penalty was a turning point. Real were hard done by the call and Vidal’s miss clearly but the wind back in the sails of Los Blancos. The red was just product of Real’s second half surge. Munich were all out of sorts after the red and their lack of shape at the back was quite alarming. Hats off to Neuer for single-handedly keeping his side in the tie after his team let him down defensively.

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