5 Months Of Podcasting

I started my podcast on January 2015. Because I always wanted to and felt that was my calling. So my first podcast is called instatalk, where I have conversation with a friend about the latest technology events and what we think about it. You can find it here on iTunes.

We have come a long way from the first episode of instatalk. In the beginning you can hear in our voice how nervous we were. But you can also hear how much fun we were having talking about technology. We have a platform that we can share our thoughts and our opinion with other listners.

I honestly don’t know how much listeners we have listening to instatalk. But even if no one is listening knowing that we can share something the a big audience out there is just mind blowing. Why did I join the podcast bandwagon? Probably thanks like many podcast out there to Serial.(If you have not heard that podcast please tweet me.) But also join the podcast community because I want to make my living podcasting/video.

We are 5 months in podcasting and we recently started our second show. Called NerdingOutOut a nerd, geeky, fun podcast. Where we have talks about Marvel, Video Games and other pop culture talk.

Before I finish this short post. I just remember that we have a Youtube channel where we post the video version of the instatalk show.

Thank you for reading and hope you can check out my podcast on iTunes.

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