Companies I Want To Work For

It’s 2015 and I am looking for a job I just finished College and like many other graduates that are looking for a job as well. I decided to make a short post about places I would like to work and why.

  1. Product Hunt — As a tech addict and app addict as well to. When I wake up I check Product Hunt to see what apps are hot for that day. I want to know which apps are being found. It just seems fun to work in a place where you might help find the next big thing.
  2. Twitter — I tweet like everyone else and check my Twitter feed like no tomorrow. I get my news and other information from Twitter. Working for a company which platform I use everyday just seems like a no brainer.
  3. Shopify- I know a small bit about the e-commerce world. The reason why I would want to work for them. First off they are a Canadian and I love supporting a Canadian product/platform. Second working for Shopify would me grow as a HTML and CSS developer but I will also get more info about the e-commerce business.
  4. Medium — I am love with Medium design and would love to learn more about design to improve on my web design skills.
  5. Facebook — Like many developers wanting to work at Facebook is a dream come true. Being a part of a company that serves 1 Billion users and growing. Is just mind blowing to me and would love to be a part of this.

I thought I would have a bigger list I guess I don’t.

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