Why I Switched To Android From iOS…Again

OK so I am back on android, and have been for a week now. Why did I go back? So simple answer iOS 9 was not doing it for me. I like what Apple was doing with Siri and Proactive mode. I liked what they are trying to do with trying to give you useful information at the right time. But they are so behind on user information.

Just this week on android Google gave me street information about that I might be late because there is construction. Something that iOS 9 can’t do yet.

I know Apple is not “Storing user information” but if they want to to give iPhone users they have to start storing some. What Apple is trying to do is make the iPhone more smarter so that it can predict without taking user information back to their servers.

We know Google takes our information and sells it to ads, BUT gives us these tools that help us make our lives better or worse.

I switched because android marshmallow is just to advance in this area. “Now On Tap” is going to be even more hype. The one thing I will miss is having to get the latest and coolest apps. Since developers do create for iOS more and first then android.

Now this does not mean that I will never go back to iOS. Maybe next year iOS 10 will be better and will make me change my mind. But right now android is the platform for me.

I might regret the move, but it’s well worth it.