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In Android, Bundle is used for sending data between Activities and Fragments.

For example, to pass userName in Activity, we use Intent:

In a Fragment we can use Bundle directly:

The following code allows us to extract passed argument in a fragment:

In the same line, we…

Hello there my sweet fellow developers,

After I shared my innocent posts about avoiding duplication, iflets and guards being unreadable and how bad implicit optionals and force casts are I received a massive ~butth…~ feedback from the community of fellow reddittors. Some of them even claimed that I am incompetent…

Any and Any? in Swift are weird. We venture forth into the depth of unknown using Swift Reflection API as the basis for our research and find out some inconsistent behaviors for Swift casting API, when working with Any.

Recently, when playing around with Swift Reflection API, I stumbled upon…

As I previously mentioned in Type Inference in Swift. I’m really tired of writing iflets and guards all over the place in my code.

In order to outline the problems lets imagine we have a UITableView, in which we need to present UITableViewCell subclasses from different inheritance hierarchies:


Hello there, my sweet fellow developers,

In Swift, Apple introduced one really horrible thing, that breaks all the safety and sanity checks, as well, as eliminates usage of Optional as a safe type. This thing is the dark side of the force. It’s the operator !. …

Hello there, my sweet fellow developers,

One thing I wanted to mention is, that Swift introduced implicitness in function and property calls (you can avoid calling self):

We had such a thing for ivars in ObjC, but the illness has spread everywhere as of now. …

Hello there, my sweet fellow developers,

I have a story to tell you. Once upon a time I was bored. At that time I was playing around with my classes as usual, writing the tests for them in Kiwi. And I stumbled upon an interesting problem, I really wanted mocks…

Hello there, my sweet fellow developers,

When reviewing the code, I have 3 states with corresponding amount of WTFs per minute form worst to best:

  1. 30…infinity -> I want to kill the one responsible for introducing THAT to the world, he is the worst, even the most bloody dictators, like…

Hello there, my sweet fellow developers,

Lets take a look at a completely different case of duplication. Suppose we want to perform serialization of an object:

For the sake of clarity lets imagine that we want it specifically like that in several lines. …

Hello there, my sweet fellow developers,

The article is the continuation of the topic I recently talked about:

Recently I stumbled upon a gem among pieces of ~sh…~ code.

Let me introduce you to the most awesome code in all of its glory. …


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