Kill the beast

The wind gushes through the town; vibrating with a melancholic attitude. It was like one of em old western movies, two rivals pitting against each other, arms reaching towards their holsters…the ultimate showdown that was always meant to be

And so the tumbleweed whirled passed as we stood face to face, neither flinching nor blinking.Only watching, stealthily, waiting.

Do not make the mistake my peace-loving nature for cowardliness for when I shoot; I aim to kill.

Anger has crept into each heart and tainted it with uncertainty so be cautious, take this silence as the calm before the storm, My untamed nature;like the moment arrows sparkle in the misty sky when shot at a long range.

Eyes dart from side to side until we hold a stare.Sweat beading on the forehead, trickling down the chin casually.A classic stare down, the duel of the century.There can only be one hero by the end but as of this moment, I hold no fond memories of you, I would desert you in a heartbeat.I guess that makes me the villain.

Neither a smirk nor a grin may be traced above my philtrum.You claim to be clairvoyant, well, how insightful you are to foresee what’s yet to come, you had the chance to reverse these consequences in every step, so why didn’t you?

Come past this point and you will already be in the endangered zone, for I forgive; but hardly forget.I tire of your back-stabbing antics.I have always craved your mutual respect and more than anything, your approval…and now, not anymore.

Once these capillaries gushed with rich scarlet plasma but you have defiled my very being; it now reeks of green goo.My loyalty began dwindling and now completely extinguished.Mark my words, you will need me once again because I’m just that bitch but I tire of questioning where your own loyalty stands.

So now I see that the form you have occupied is one of selfishness and disregard, I refuse to be startled when I draw my weapon, guiding it towards your temple and when the opportunity becomes clear as the night skies, I must not hesitate to slay the beast.

“In each of us, two natures are at war — the good and the evil” — Dr Henry jekyll.


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