The Case of the Missing Glove 4

He remained seated glancing beyond his cubicle at the portrait of gentle beauty in creme silk encased within it. The yellow fluorescent bulb scattered a golden hue around the office that carelessly blended with the dark hall. It’s quitting time!, and I couldn’t wait to be out of this building, I had shut down my paraphernalia and was strutting ecstatically towards the main hall, 10 feet from Danny’s cubicle. I paused. Backtracked and stopped right before him.

“Penny for your thought?” I was rolling my eyes

“Why steal a relic worth millions and sell it for petty change?” It just doesn’t make sense.

I darted my eyes a few times, trying to silence my mind….and my stomach “maybe, there was a lot of heat and the person needed to throw off suspicion”

“So this person, extracts the gloves from Wickit, then due to ongoing investigations….”

“…..or mob related quarrels” I added swiftly, sure that I was going to go into shock soon due to hypoglycaemia

“Right, he trades the gloves to Mrs. Edith in hopes to someday reclaim it”. “ Exactly” I added “and now, 3 years later, he has, and we can’t do anything about it right now, so for the love of God, let’s go eat!”

“Wait one second, whoever executed the break in was swift, cunning, he was in and out in seconds, unsuspectedly, anyone comes to mind?”

I tilted my chin upwards, “not right now,” and as my gaze settled back on Danny, he wore a grin “I know exactly who we have to talk to”

“who?” I demanded,

“This city’s self-proclaimed king of thieves,” he paused. “ Dirty Harry is our man,” then looking at his watch, “dinner at O’riley’s? “

“lead the way,” I said undeterred.

Dirty Harry led the city’s most notorious robbery gang and right now, he was our prime suspect. He’d been in and out if the system and tracking him usually wasn’t an easy task but thankfully, today wasn’t the day to play hide and go fuck yourself. A call to his parole officer unraveled that he was in a gold shop on the 25th avenue, no doubt ripping naive tourists off, so we brought him in for questioning.

I didn’t do it!, he yelled as soon as we walked into the room “…. whatever it is this time.I’m on probation. I’m not an imbecile”.

“Would you like some rooibos tea, Mr. Harrison?” I offered with a smile “Save your good cop, bad cop charade” he barked. “you either charge me or let me leave”

“Relax Harry, no one is playing games I assured him “We know you’re not our guy”

“So why am I here?”

“Because we believe you know who he is”, Danny said matter-of-factly

“And why should I help law officials? his voice suddenly gaining confidence “we’ll see to it that your parole time from 19 months to 16months” I added “7 months!”

I chuckled, “No!”

“14”, Danny joined “and that’s final!”

“Fine,” he said hesitantly, “what do you want?”. I caught him up with the details of the robbery. His glassy eyes dilated. “Gloves? Jesus Christ! you got me here on some fucking pair of gloves?”. I shrugged. He began stroking his beard, “how valuable is this gloves anyway”

Danny slammed his wrists on the table impatiently “enough! do you know who might have taken them?”

“Alright, ok. I don’t know about the gloves, but word was out that Puff Ronald’s, the art syndicate was looking for a guy to pull a high risk job for him, came to me but I declined, most likely he found someone else,” he paused “now I dunno if it’s connected with your gloves” he said rather mockingly, “but maybe he’s your guy…now can I go?”.

Danny nodded, taking off the cuffs “One last thing, not a word of this to anyone, clear?”

Dirty Harry eyed Danny “ On one condition…” then turning to me, “I’ll take that tea now honey”.

My face skewed into a smile “honey, my name is Alexander, and the offer has just expired”