The Deep Blues.

Plunge into the deep blues with me so that you may understand what I feel on a daily.

Waves push and pulled away from the ferry forcing it to bounce upon it as it speeds through, the sea produces a white foamy wave of water as it pushes away from the ferry.They form and evolve into a tsunami seemingly unstoppable, only to dissipate into nothing…like they never existed. Then it resurfaces, stronger than ever before.

They say the eyes are the mirror to the soul, so I guess I’m as transparent as they come.At times the water is azure on one end and turquoise at the other.It’s most likely the granites that lay deep within it insidiously; reflecting wavelengths of photons camouflaged… I’ll tell you a secret; this ignites all desires.

On the surface, it’s sparkly, blue, marbly and without a doubt, alluring as far as the eyes could behold.Although, beneath it, those rocks pushed against the waves creating vast turmoil.

Nobody should live like this.Nobody should wrestle these demons.Nobody should be drowning with that anchor swaddled around the ankle, struggling to swim upstream.

I am completely submerged by the currents of the tides; even Triton himself couldn’t untangle himself from the grips of such sentiments.Poseidon wouldn’t free me from the burden that causes the water to swirl.It creates a vortex; an eddy, which could only mean one thing, Trouble.

Be brave or the storm will sink your beautiful heart — Questions for Ada; Ijeoma Umebinyuo

I remain seated, cross-legged amidst the storm, determined to attain my serenity, floating in a wave while I twist my arms in the wind.White noise drowns out the pain; keeping me afloat on a journey to discover my zen.


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