Creativity is Empathy

Suzana Barbosa
Jul 13, 2016 · 2 min read

I talk about creativity because it soothes hearts like no other thing in the world. While my mother was really sick, and I didn’t know the severity of her illness, she danced “Into the Mystic” with me, which ended up being our last time. She died 20 days later. We had a part in the song where we would pretend to play the saxophone right at the hook line. My mother always looked so beautiful when she danced. She loved dancing and you could always tell.

Music seems to understand me in a way no one ever does. Yet, I have avoided listening to it because it makes me face things I don’t want to acknowledge right now. I seem to get triggered all the time. Let’s just say I am a mess. From my perspective, it seems that art allows us to be messy without judgement and in time, we can sort through stuff.. without pressure. Dancing allows us to get outside of our minds and into twists and turns, allowing our hearts to listen to our own twirls. As you can see, we all dance our own way and it’s beautiful.

I say that creativity is empathy because it sits there for us and gives us what we need, when we need it, without judgement with arms reaching out to catch us. Sometimes we fall anyway and that’s ok. That art gives us something to look at in retrospect and accept our grace to move on.

This grief is painful. How does art heal you?

Suzana Barbosa

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