#SmartGiving : Returns Compound Over Time

Don’t you just love givers?

The paradox that the more you give, the more you love to give, even more that the people receiving love to get, is pretty inspiring.

I call it #SmartGiving .

I see that as sharing well, help and doing it in a way that is balanced with your capacity.

I’m a giver, but I’m not always a #SmartGiver. I often spread myself waaaay to thin. I’m much too ambitious for my capacity. (I’m working on it.)

I’m rarely a linear thinker. From applying and getting jobs I didn’t yet have the experience for, to launching a startup backwards.

(By the way, it’s way harder backwards ’cause you can’t really see where you are headed).

When I launched Gugoiza I was totally blinded by my biased belief that most people know their skills and marketability. I learned 600 user signups later (don’t recommend you wait that long!) that that assumption was only correct for 10% of the user base.

Another nugget I did learn from launching backwards is that Gugoiza really helps people giving something away and it coming back in spades.

Sometimes it happens soon, most often it’s a long game.

As soon as people began offering a #GUoffer on our platform (often have day where they give their expertise away) incredible things began to happen.

Free legal advice, free social media help, free booking, free accounting.

Still not sold yet on being generous with your skills or startup?

I learned from masters. For sure it started at home, I have incredibly giving family mentors.

And my internet mentors only solidified those assumptions.

Meet one of the biggest living virtual mentors. He’s a giving master.

James Altucher was the first blogger/podcaster I took notice of who drove giving into thousands and thousands followers like drill sergeant. Here’s just one of dozen of posts on the point of giving it away. He’s an idea machine and gives away so much knowledge and access to resources through his content it’s kind of mind blowing.

The $100 STARTUP is another resource I recommend for new self-preneurs and entrepreneurs to hatch their first venture hypothesis.

Another super read is this post. It is a very actionable synopsis of #smartgiving by Hiten Shah

How to Grow Your Startup on a $0 Marketing Budget It’s a quick read and super practical.

My favourite quote from that article is: “Help Wins Compound Over Time”.

If you want to run a SaSS biz, definitely check out his other blog https://hitenism.com/

Lastly I’d like to promote a new self-preneur who took the initiative to meet me and I was very impressed by her.

Her name is Kim Sue and she’s the founder of Back of The Bus Designs offering Sidekick for a Day for a limited time !

Here is her kickass GuProfile

I asked how giving away her skills for a day has worked out for her. She said it’s opened up a great many opportunities beyond her imagination.

Creative Genius Kim Sue!

“An urbanist, designer, and ethnographer, I infuse human experience into design concepts. “

Find out more about Kim Sue here!

And if YOU want to be a featured giver & entrepreneur, email our founder IdasLevato@gugoiza.com

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