Since 2005, when a concept of a coworking space first came to life, it skyrocketed up to approximately 35 000 flexible workspaces in the entire world by 2019. While nowadays you can find the most amazing unique, stylish, and comfortable coworking spaces all over the world, their number 1 amenity is WiFi. Fast WiFi, to be correct. A secure one, to be precise.

woman in coworking center
woman in coworking center

That’s where things get a little bit complicated. Of course, we all would just love to have freshly roasted coffee in Montreal or drink fresh coconut juice at beachfront in Kuh Phangan, but the big question we…

Remember the days when “normal” was to sit at your office desk, sip your morning flat-white with oat milk whilst going through e-mails, have an uninterrupted call, and take all of this for granted? It seems the chance to get it back is just around the corner — at least in Germany where hotels are converting their rooms into offices. Personal room, quiet from spouses, kids, and pets giving you the luxury to devote your time exclusively for work. Too good to be true?

Actually, yes. As great as it sounds, such an amazing idea has some soft spots to…


Network security

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