3 Growing Payroll Trends Likely to Continue in 2018

Payroll management has modernized significantly in the last several years, thanks in part to innovations such as for example cloud computing, mobile devices and new software that enables for better integrating payroll with other HR functions. The following year will probably bring a lot more innovation and change.

Listed here are 3 payroll trends expected to help keep growing in 2018:

1. More Apps Allow Payroll Access from Smart Devices

Managers and employees today often want to be able to access payroll data from wherever they happen to be — even if they’re not at a computer. This has led to the creation of apps that let both managers and employees easily access payroll data. The number and capabilities of these apps will likely grow in 2018. The IDPaytek Payroll Software, for example, includes a single dashboard with all messages and products in one place for an employee. There’s the ability to open an email to an employee with a single tap, and remotely access payroll with another. Employees meanwhile can access their payslips and other account information via their smart devices.

2. Cloud-Based Payroll Continues to Expand

Businesses have been increasingly moving their payroll to cloud-based services, meaning they are run on third-party servers and can access using any Internet connection. This has a number of major advantages: Software gets routinely updated, data is backed up, data entry is simplified, and access from anywhere becomes possible, including through smart device.

3. A Growing Focus on Data Security

Data security of payroll information has become a growing concern as more payroll functionality happens online using various devices such as smartphones and tablets. More companies will likely be reviewing the data security protocols of their payroll service in the years ahead and looking for ways to ensure their data is protected.

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