Top 3 Future Trends In ERP In 2018

ERP systems have changed considerably since their conception. New features, functionality, and technology that extend your ERP systems across the entire organization continue to evolve. Automated processes and increased visibility help you reduce costs, gain a competitive advantage and add even more value to your software investment.

With all of these advancements and improvements, there are a number of trends that are growing rapidly in today’s marketplace. The top trends to look for in your ERP system include:

  • Adoption by small and midsize companies — ERP is no longer just for large companies. With increased usability and previously mentioned cloud deployment options, smaller companies will seek the added value of an ERP system. Reduced costs to implement and deploy this technology will make it a viable resource for companies of all sizes.
  • Increased Security — “One of the top reasons driving new ERP purchases is that lack of functionality has caused users to not be able to access and analyze data with the tools available within their system. ERP systems will develop tighter controls to protect data. Security audits and risk management procedures will be adapted to ensure data is secure.
  • Mobile — With the increased use of mobile devices in the workplace and a growing remote workforce, the need for Mobile accessibility will also increase. Employees spend less time behind a desk and need continuous access to the company’s systems. Decisions are made quicker and based on visibility into the entire supply chain.

The future of ERP systems is bright. Gone are the days of spreadsheets and manual processes. Now is the time to upgrade or retire your legacy ERP system, so that your organization can gain a competitive advantage, reduce costs and build a solid foundation for your business. These trends will continue to provide additional resources to better connect your organization, both internally and externally.

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